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Specializing in Gluten Free Sweets & Savories


Local, Handmade and Delicious

EB’s Kitchen is your local source for high quality, handmade food that just happens to be gluten free! We are a family owned, specialty bakery located in the quaint village of Tamworth, NH.
We provide goods to individuals, food establishments and local retailers. You may also see our goods at farmer's markets, health food stores, farmstands, festivals and fairs.
We shop local and support our neighbors when choosing ingredients. We grow our own herbs for savories and bake most of our goods with fresh local eggs!

We Re-create the Classics

We pride ourselves in re-creating traditional recipes to bring you gluten free food with great taste and texture. We create simple, classic and familiar recipes inspired by childhood favorites. We often use family recipes and those found in our vast collection of vintage cook books. There is no reason to go without your favorites just because you're gluten free!
We also modify recipes and create new ones to accomodate dairy, soy, egg and nut free diets. We  make breads with a special mix of high quality, wholesome gluten free grains, nut flours and seeds.
It's hard to tell our food is gluten free! Many traditional flour fans enjoy our goods, some even prefer them! 

Gluten Free Living

We live gluten free and we LOVE it! It's not a trend or a phase for us. It's a choice we make everyday to be healthier, to feel better and prevent illness.
We are here to educate you, answer questions, debunk myths and support your choice to live gluten free! EB is available to share her personal experience of transitioning to a gluten free lifestyle and give perspective on navigating the great big gluten free world.